Stake: Bet smarter with Luciana

Stake: Bet smarter with Luciana

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Last updated: 28/02/2022

Talking about Stake promotions in UFC is sort of like a non-stop situation. Until sunday, Stake is running a new promotion for UFC, delivered by Luciana Andrade; UFC ring girl.

The promotion is simple: bet on the 3 legs she propposes; and if all of them win, your will see your winning doubled; up to $100!

What are the fights? Read below:

Winner – Makachev, Islam vs Green, Bobby = MakachevWinner – Cirkunov, Misha vs Turman, Wellington = TurmanWinner – Kim, Ji Yeon vs Cachoeira, Priscila = Cachoeira

There is a minimum bet of $5. And that’d be it! Stake promotions are always that simple! Just place the bets and get extra paid!

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Author: Mario Castro