Micro Roulette by GameScale – Ultimate texas holdem

Micro Roulette by GameScale - Ultimate texas holdem

As you know, the developers of software for online gambling rather hard to come up with something new for roulette, because it’s quite conservative gambling game, which gives preference to fans of the classics.

Accordingly, manufacturers often have no choice but to surprise casino customers with design features and unusual names. Approximately so did experts from the company GameScale, which released a model with the original name Micro Roulette.

Play online in Micro Roulette

Micro Roulette – a kind of European roulette with a classical arrangement of numbers from 0 to 36 on the wheel and a traditional layout of the gaming table. The aim of the game is to guess at which number (or group of numbers) will stop the ball and make the appropriate bets.

Micro Roulette

You can play at a rate of one number from ten cents to one credit. On a spin a player can put up to a hundred and twenty credits. In “Micro Roulette” the usual internal and external bets are accepted. Payout ratios are also usual. We will not describe them in detail, as this information you will find in the article with the general rules of the roulette game.

It is also possible to bet on the track. Here we accept bets on sectors Jeu 0, Voisins, Orphelins and Tiers (you can also read about them in the rules) and on neighbors of some number (five numbers in a row on the wheel). If you hover your mouse over any position on the additional track, all numbers involved in the bet will be highlighted on the main layout.

How do I play Micro Roulette? (Interface)

Now for the most striking feature of the game – its user-friendly and stylish interface. It should be noted right away that it is fully russified. The screen shows a 3D roulette wheel, which rotates very effectively after the start of the spin. Above it is the layout of the table with the fields for betting. An additional track for verbal bets is on the left, and on the right there is a table with the last winning numbers.

Below it there is a small scoreboard with game chips, indication of betting limits and control buttons. If you hover your cursor over the tableau with the limits, an additional window with the odds appears. You can repeat rates from the previous spin. Description of the rules and the different characteristics of the model is offered in the help section. It opens the button with a question mark in the upper right corner. Next to it there are elements of settings.

With turbo mode off, there is a realistic animation: the wheel rotates, the ball runs on the drum, and so on. If you turn it on, the spin will be as fast as possible, without any delays. It is gratifying that micro-roulette does not need to download, and you can play directly in the browser.

Author: Mario Castro