Common Draw Roulette by Betsoft

Common Draw Roulette by Betsoft

Online multiplayer gambling is becoming increasingly popular at online casinos. Many customers like to play in the company of other visitors to the institution, being able to communicate with them, share successes and complain about failures. All this allows you to create an atmosphere of a real gambling house, which is so lacking in virtual portals. If you also like these games, we recommend to test a variety of roulette called Common Draw Roulette, which offers the company Betsoft. In it you will be betting with other users and can watch their achievements.

Play Common Draw Roulette online

Common Draw is a traditional online roulette with European rules. The numbers from 0 to 36 are arranged along the track of the wheel in the usual order. The general rules are classic. If you’re not familiar with them well enough, read a separate article on our portal.

The goal is to get a payout by guessing in which number or group of numbers the ball will stop, and making the appropriate bets. The main feature of the model is the multiplayer mode. In other words, on the same table you play with other customers. Ordinary internal and external bets are accepted. Payouts are calculated by standard odds.

The range of bets per spin ranges from three credits to five hundred units. Chips of 1, 5, 25, 100 and 500 credits can be used. There is no track for verbal bets (sectors, neighbors and so on) in Common Draw Roulette. But they can be made on a special tab of the panel, located at the bottom left. The level of theoretical return is traditional for European roulette.

Common Draw Roulette

How to play Common Draw Roulette? (Interface)

The main part of the game screen is a picture of roulette with a drum and a field for betting. It must admit that it is presented very realistically. Chips for betting are in the lower right corner. To the left you can see the betting control buttons: clearing the field, confirmation and repeat.

In the bottom left corner there is a panel with three tabs: statistics, chat and special bets. In the chat you can communicate with other clients. Data about your achievements also appears there. In the diagonally opposite corner there is a scoreboard with the last winning numbers and an enlarged roulette sector, where the ball stopped.

In the Help section the rules are explained, the payout table is given and there is an instruction on the process controls. Settings allow you to turn off the sound and select a comfortable screen size. The game runs in the browser, so there is no need to install additional software.


Definitely, this is a great variety of roulette. I must say that the multiplayer games in general is not much in today’s gambling (except for models with live dealers). But this one also can be tested in the free version, which is another advantage. The pros of Common Draw Roulette are also numerous features of a user-friendly interface, the presence of verbal bets, nice design, realistic animation, and so on.

Author: Mario Castro