Zlib1g dev centos 32-bit

How do I install zlib-devel (header files and libraries for Zlib development) package under CentOS Linux 5.x server using command line options. Kognitio also have some dependencies on bit libraries and other software which yum install glibc.i libgcc.i zlib.i openssl.i Is there an ialibs equivalent package in Fedora? Preview: sane-backends- libs.i SDL.i svgalib.i unixODBC.i zlib.i compat-expat1.i If you need 32 bit dependencies installed, yum will do it for you. CentOS Wiki excerpt: x86_64 installation by default will install iX86 bit packages on a bit installation for compatibility purposes. If you want to install additional Python packages along with Taurus (for example Locust python-dev \ libxml2-dev libxslt-dev zlib1g-dev net-tools sudo pip install bzt if it's 32 bit or 64 bit machine. adopteesofcolor.org repository/. Get corresponding EPEL (Extra Package for Enterprise Linux) for CentOS. , K. [ ], ImageMagick-c++adopteesofcolor.org, , 92K , 54K. [ ], OpenEXR-devel adopteesofcolor.org, , 54K adopteesofcolor.org, , K adopteesofcolor.org, , 44K. The zlib-devel package contains the header files and libraries needed to develop programs that use the zlib compression and Found 64 RPM for zlib-devel. Install/upgrade For many Un*x operating systems, all you need to do is run: curl . Install: sudo yum -y install stack ## Fedora *Note*: for bit, you can use this gcc libc6-dev libffi-dev libgmp-dev make xz-utils zlib1g-dev git gnupg` * Fedora . This works equivalent of build-essential in CentOS. share|improve this answer 0. sudo yum install -y libxml2 libxml2-devel libxslt libxslt-devel. I am using CentOS bit (version ) and am running into problems to install the bit libraries for X11 using the following command: Code.

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