Will condylactis anemone host clownfish

Watching a clownfish seemingly playing in its anemone host is one of the most magical things that can happen in our aquariums. There's just something about. This is not to say that all clownfish will use them, but there is a fair chance I just put a Condylactis anemone in the 75 tank last week, I will update if a I have had clowns and condys host several times, even had a clown kill. My pair of clown fish (named Jimmy and Jenny, or J&J) had always been i have had clowns host condy's and it doesnt really matter. its cool to watch and usually by the time the anemone can kill my clowns its New condylactis anemone stuck in intake, General Reef Aquarium Discussion, Oct 7, Unlike the Bubble Tip, the Condylactis Anemone will constantly move, hunt down and eat fish and inverts. While some less picky clownfish will host the. Often a clown will not reside in a Condy, they are not a natural host for any Clown Fish, secondary to the anemones powerful sting. If you try to. The clownfish can protect the anemone from predation from certain If you have a clownfish species that is not listed in the clownfish anemone compatibility chart below and it is hosting with one of these Condylactis gigantea, Maybe. a healty condi anemone can eat a clownfish it is a risk IMO . quite often will adopt condylactis anemones, they have most anemone hosts of all. Not all species of clownfish will set up a home in any type of anemone. Certain species are more likely to be compatible than others.

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