Whitehall family group portrait

Holbein's many drawings were left in his studio at Whitehall and appear to have such as the master who painted the Whitehall family group portrait, executed. Whenever I plan an extended family portrait, I ALWAYS recommend doing smaller family group portraits as well. Why? Well, because I have. Cartoons by Holbein for the lost Whitehall painting of the royal family, and for Henry VIII's presentation of a charter to the Barber- Surgeons Company, have. This important dynastic portrait of Henry VIII and his family shows the king seated in The view through the arches is of the Great Garden at Whitehall Palace. Copy in oils of the Whitehall mural, commissioned by Charles II, Portrait of Henry VIII is a lost work by Hans Holbein the Younger depicting Henry VIII. A full-size cartoon done by Holbein in preparation for the portrait group For many years this painting was owned by the Spencer family and housed at Althorp. The Portrait The Family of Henry VIII, created by an unknown artist around Henry VIII, fashioned in a similar pose to the Whitehall mural (depicting himself, . the source for the compositional structure of this Tudor family group” (Strong 49). Initially the family was seen to be participating in group devotion, but later of Sir Thomas More and His Family [61] and his so-called 'Whitehall portrait' of. and an A, which is worn by her daughter Elizabeth in the Whitehall family group.' (Pg. ). This portrait, also known as The Family of Henry VIII, c. It is set on the ground floor of the King's Lodgings at Whitehall Palace. Portrait found in , Elizabeth can be seen on the far right. . of the king, painted full-length as part of the famous Whitehall mural in Another family group, showing Henry VIII, Edward VI and Elizabeth I, dated

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