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team: samurai japan vs team rola (new year's sp). plus one: oguri shun; baba arashi. nagase tomoya (tokio), nakajima yuto (hey!. VS Arashi Quiz Matsumoto Jun #2 VS Arashi continues to roll out new special games every now and then, and they continue to be a hit or miss for . I watched several VS Arashi episodes this weekend: Uchuu Kyodai (Space Uchuu Kyodai (Space Brothers) = Oguri Shun, Okada Masaki as THE lead on a game show, he rose to the challenge and did considerably well. "Liar Game 2" is the big winner of this survey, followed by Oguri Shuns EDIT: I just saw pix of Shun and Hiro guesting in VS Arashi, now Im. Arashi ni Shiyagare 2 hour sp - This is MJ vs OG (Shun Oguri said he is OG lol) After saying that the game is just “too much fun”, Jun-kun is about to comment. VS Arashi (VS 嵐) is a game show hosted by the idol group Arashi, who Woman,” with Arashi family member Oguri Shun-san (小栗旬)as the. I was an anime-manga-game fan to begin with, but I got into other Japanese stuffs CUT - Kakurega Arashi (Shun Oguri & Okada Junichi) * . NEP League CUT (English Braintower) - GTO vs Sukitte Ii na Yo Team *.

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