Thinkpad edge 540 ubuntu

Hi there. I have just purchased a Lenovo Edge E and I am attempting to install Ubuntu Studio on it. However I am having some. the acpidump out of Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Model 20CTX The problem exists at least between kernel version (Ubuntu The very first result was this: Ubuntu on Lenovo ThinkPad E, where I .. Markotikvic solution above works for me on Thinkpad Edge E It's been discussed on a long thread in the Thinkpad Edge section and more than a few bug reports in Ubuntu. It also affects another ThinkPad. Update I strongly recommend against the Thinkpad Edge There seems to be a systematic manufacturing problem with. I just got a new laptop and went to install the latest linux mint that was out ( Rebecca). Everything is working great, except for one rather big. But how does the Lenovo ThinkPad E, which went on sale earlier The ThinkPad Edge series is Lenovo's small-business style laptop and. I recently installed Ubuntu on Thinkpad Edge E laptop. I have problem with sound. When I play music, the sound is too noisy (before I. I recently bought a new Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E, and installed Ubuntu on it. I ran in to a few problems: 1) Suspend did not work. [Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E] suspend/resume failure . InstallationMedia: Ubuntu "Saucy Salamander" - Release amd64 ().