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Download (49KB); created by: Greg; requires: The Sims 1 This objects will prompt children in costumes to visit your house in the evening. . No expansion packs are required; but the more of them that you have, the more you can do with the. Added: 1 September , Author: Sumit Website: The Sims Zone Size: Kb Downloaded: times ( times per day) Requires: Hot Date. There are also objects made available from The Sims Online. "The Key" (2KB); created by: Greg; requires: The Sims 1 with at least one expansion pack. Kate has updated with new items in Sims 1 Walls and Floors then getting a copy of The Sims Complete collection is preferable to using individual packs. Hi and welcome to my Sims site. This site is dedicated to all the die hard Sims 1 fans in the world. Here you will find objects I have made for Maxis' The Sims. Downloads / Sims 1 / Objects / Build Mode. Feb 28, by known_victim. loading Privacy/Money Doors (4-pack). Feb 28, by obeythepenguin. Please don't ask me for recolors of my work or to change one of my objects to be compatible with Sims or other expansion packs. Also don't ask me to make. Objects sets can be found here for best results use a download manager to download such as GETRIGHT which I highly Transporter (place more than 1 pad and sims can teleport between), Build, Stairs Medieval floor pack, Build, Floors. If you put this file in your Expansion pack folder you can sell roches for 1 This is a cheat object I use to get my sims in the right mood for testing my new objects. (This download works with Sims or Deluxe + any expansion pack.) Download “Pepsi Machine” – Downloaded times – 1 MB.

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