The descent crawlers origin

Subscribe ▻ Click that LIKE button ✅ Twitter ▻ ✅ Instagram ▻ ✅ Facebook. The Descent () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more If the crawlers were blind, who painted the pictures on the cave wall? One explanation is that. They're descended from the earliest human settlers in the area around 10, years ago. These people quickly discovered the deep natural cave systems. The unnatural world of monsters is fairly rife with subterranean humanoids, from goblins, ghouls and wendel to more recent C.H.U.D.s, Voormis. She remains in a coma and the crawlers slowly kill off her friends (which represent part of her psyche) until none remain and she dies right. Full of taught claustrophobic tension, Neil Marshall's The Descent is a modern horror in The Descent aren't supernatural or extraterrestrial in origin. The creatures are referred to as "Crawlers" in the film's closing credits. The Descent, written and directed by Neil Marshall and released in , Official Synopsis: This video explains the Crawler creatures in the 2. They're called Crawlers and their origins aren't clear. However, from the first film, it's clear that they've been up to no good for ages. And from. The Descent is a English horror film written and directed by Neil Marshall. The film follows . The crawlers reappear in The Descent Part 2, a sequel by Jon Harris with the first film's director Neil Marshall as executive producer. For the. "Crawlers" are a human subspecies that adapted perfectly to their cave environment. Director Neil Marshall described them as "Cavemen that never left the caves". However, considering Ed dragged Rios to the cave entrance in Part 2, it is quite plausible that he hunts for them and.