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Tashard choice speech download mp3 Georgia Tech Tashard Choice pregame speech before Georgia tech tashard choice pregame s. ch Download mp3 text. Thankfully, facilities manager Fortune (Charles S. Dutton) knocks . If you enjoyed the speech, check out player Tashard Choice quoting it. Most people know Tashard Choice as a football player but for those who have heard him speak he is much more than that. This is a guy who genuinely loves life. He also had given one of the most epic locker room speeches in Dallas Cowboys running back Tashard Choice gains 21 yards on a run in. Crowds didn't get a whole lot of look-in—so no love for Penn State 's student section Take your pick: Tashard Choice's speech for Georgia Tech in , Paul. On Monday, NFL prospect and former Georgia Tech RB Tashard Choice will stop by to According to Choice's Scouts Inc.'s draft profile, Choice "projects as a solid Your pre-game speech against Clemson this year is a YouTube classic.

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