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-iq, Specifies that the database that you are connecting to is an SAP Sybase IQ Continue The error is ignored and Interactive SQL continues executing statements. If is run from a batch file, you won't see any output sent to the. Before you can connect to an SAP SQL Anywhere database, you need the SAP In the Sybase Database dialog box, specify the Sybase Server to connect to in. You can use Interactive SQL to connect to a SQL Anywhere database, an UltraLite database, an SAP Sybase IQ database, an SAP HANA database, or a generic ODBC Interactive SQL is started and you are connected to the database. Select a database in Sybase Central and select File | Open Interactive SQL. Interactive The menu item Open Interactive SQL opens a connection to a server. Any Sybase ASE Server sql script executed by Flyway, can be executed by Sybase Interactive SQL client, Sybase Central and other Sybase ASE. Starting Interactive SQL from the Windows Start Menu. one database on a server, for example, specify the database name, and in a network with subnets, spec Select Tools Options SAP Sybase IQ Query Editor. Note. Connecting to databases with Interactive SQL. Once a database server is running , you can connect to it from an application. In this example, we'll connect to the. Starting Interactive SQL. There are several ways you can start Interactive SQL: from a command prompt, from the Windows Start menu, and from within Sybase.

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