Sine wave line type autocad

for straight path, I can just do the arraypath with arcs to generate sine-wave-like wavy line. However, if I have some irregular path, this method is. I used to have a lisp routine that created a wave represent corrugated steel. One day by my surprise I had a new desktop and lost alot. that creates a -I think- a zig-zag or a sine curve type line between two > points. Does anyone know which site (or have) something similar that. I know this has been asked before but i have been scouring the net and can't find the answer. I am trying to create a line type that resembles a. All,. Before i start bashing my head on the desk reverting back to old trig, is there anywone with neat suggestions to drawing a cosine wave. This type of curve occurs in many situations, including a would be used to program lines between two points on the regular AutoCAD screen.

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