R4i revolution for ds firmware

R4i,R4i 3DS,R4i gold 3DS,R4DS,R4 Revolution For 3DS-R4iDS Official Website, 3DS R4,NDS R4,NDSL R4,R4 Revolution gold,DS Nintendo R4,R4 gold skin,DS lite R4,DS R4 skin,DS R4 Deluxe Edition firmware B2 is released!. Both R4 DS official kernel V and all latest unofficial Wood R4 Kernel can be used for Genuine R4 DS Revolution (R4 V2, R4 Version 2) card. Wood r4 kernel is of real time feature, this PLUS version R4i 3DS card is also of RTS feature. is the R4S dongle? The R4S dongle is a USB-C dongle that is a plug and play solution to injecting the necessary RCM payload to boot into custom firmware. Hi. It's my first post and I need help. I have one R4i Revolution for DS ( compatibility with NDSI/NDSL and NDS) (website (I can't acess it). R4i 3DS / SDHC Firmware Update – Fixed / Patched · R4i 3DS Firmware The R4v2 has a plain sticker with “R4″ and “Revolution for DS” on it. R4 Revolution for DSi ☆News ☆. /01/ The latest released kernel R4i 3DS v We've amend certain part of the kernel to fix some troubled games that . R4i-SDHC RTS cards can support N3DS V perfectly(certain model If your RTS cards cannot support firmware update for the moment, please be.

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