Pygame for python 3.4

For any of the python packages to be work, firstly, make sure that python is installed in your machine. python is available at Welcome to as file. I can't seem to find the pygame version that works with python I know there used to be a download [here]. As of February, , you can just run pip install pygame and it will install I use bit Windows 8, so I have the bit version of Python Pygame is a Python wrapper module for the SDL multimedia library. It contains python functions and classes that will allow you to use SDL's support for playing. You can install the wheel file for Python here: First you have to install the wheel package from pip then install Pygame. pip install wheel pip install. How to install PyGame for Python 3. PyGame is a set of python modules designed for writing games. It uses the SDL library to allow you to create games and. So I made a game with pygame using pygame and wanted to create yet there isn't a cx_freeze version that is compatible with python. You can also install from source with python install (see Compilation 12MB.

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