Playboy magazine for ipad

An uncensored version of Playboy Magazine is coming to the iPad in March, according to a tweet Wednesday morning by the company's. From its very first issue in to its latest incarnation, the full catalog of Playboy Magazine is coming to the iPad this March. And not only that. The official Playboy website designed for viewing on the iPad, announced in January, is now live. The app was originally slated to be launched. Playboy magazine has launched an app which is precisely designed for Apple iPad for its uncensored edition of magazine called as iPlayboy. App users also enjoy access to select Playboy magazine content, including the most interesting Playboy Interviews and articles from across the. The service is optimized for the iPad and uses iPad functions. story, advertisement and image that ever appeared in the magazine, more than. To garner feedback ahead of the official roll out, Playboy Magazine was quietly introduced a few weeks back on Android and iOS, with the. The men's magazine Playboy has finally made it into the App Store. Of course, to get there, the magazine this year dropped its nude. And it's the reason why the iPad has been such an overwhelming success all over the world. Yes, I'm talking about Playboy magazine which.