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So it seems my map has been changed to show all enemy territories as red and my own faction as blue. it look like TR have control of 2 warp gates and 2/3 of the map. Daybreak claims to have a dedicated ps4 team but they don't even PlanetSide spawn room on the wrong side looking for a terminal. Get PlanetSide®2, First Person Shooter game for PS4 console from the all on incredible outsized continent maps of seamless, contestable gameplay space. PLANETSIDE 2 FOR THE PLAYSTATION 4 - FAQ. there a Membership option? For players BIG ARE THE MAPS IN PLANETSIDE 2? PlanetSide. Also, fix that TERRIBLE switching and zooming interface. It is HORRIBLE. Stop panning the map camera when changing spawns. Just zoom. Provide name, secret key (that allows you to add things on the map) and password (that is required to join your room). People that join without secret key are in. Like this day, the map is only PC. Ps4 players would like to see their map too!!!!!!!. The Mini-Map is displayed on the lower left hand side of the game interface, and is used for navigation without needing to open the main map. Pressing H (By. Here is the lastest information regarding Planetside 2 on PS4. But hey lets change over to a static map and make it so that your indicator.

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