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Perl script multiple files

i have a perl program written for a file in a folder.i want to run this for all files in that folder. the code i have written doesnt seem to work. The feature that you are looking for is handled by the shell. It is called pathname expansion. For example, suppose that you are in a directory. You may sometimes want to rename multiple files at once, or add or remove them from You can use PERL and the find command to do this, If the only way to. In your Perl file, my @files = ; for $file (@files) { # do something. } The is called a glob. How do I use subroutines from other perl files in my program? You have a subroutine or collection of subroutines that you want to use in multiple Perl programs. You could use a for loop: for file in input{}.txt; do perl -MJSON -F, -lane ' print to_json ({ domain => shift @F, emails => [map {{email =>$_}}. create a Makefile: TABLE=$(shell find snp_table_files -type f) define run outfiles/ $(notdir $(1)).txt: $(1) $$< $$(word 2. This can be useful when carrying out batch operations on multiple files that have Below is a possible implementation of a script to carry out the rename (error. I have a script that runs on one file (at a time). like this: \\$> perl filename > output How can I run it on > files and have the output. This command will find all files under a directory (and subdirectory) and execute your perl script. find /home/user/my/folder -type f -iname "a*".

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