Opuntia macrocentra var. minor

Opuntia macrocentra Photo by: Diego Armentano . Opuntia macrocentra var. minor adopteesofcolor.orgy: has cladodes cm long, glaucous blue-green with few. Opuntia macrocentra, es una especie fanerógama perteneciente a la familia Cactaceae. Opuntia gosseliniana F.A.C. Weber; Opuntia macrocentra var. minor M.S. Anthony; Opuntia shreveana A. Nelson; Opuntia violacea Engelm. Opuntia. Opuntia macrocentra var. minor. Dark black spines, to 5. Plant database entry for Black-Spine Prickly Pear (Opuntia macrocentra var. minor) with 23 data details. images for Opuntia macrocentra var. minor M.S. Anthony. Specimen Count: 1; Record Last Modified: 20 Dec NMNH - Botany Dept. Taxonomy: Plantae. Opuntia macrocentra var. minor: see it and grow it. Opuntia macrocentra var. minor. Scientific Name: Opuntia macrocentra var. minor adopteesofcolor.orgy Synonym. Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Opuntia macrocentra group. Opuntia macrocentra Engelm.: has cladodes cm long. Species, Opuntia macrocentra Engelm. – Nopal violaceo, purple pricklypear. Variety, Opuntia macrocentra var. minor M.S. Anthony – purple pricklypear. Opuntia macrocentra Engelm. var. minor Anthony Show All Show Tabs purple pricklypear. General Information. Symbol: OPMAM2. Group: Dicot. Family.

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