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a study of AES-NI acceleration using LibreSSL, OpenSSL LibreSSL (~ OpenSSL d) FreeBSD 11 ; Clang LLVM compiler AES-NI. OpenVPN+OpenSSL has used AES-NI for years. . With the BSD Cryptodev engine loaded along with the AES-NI module, OpenVPN would. AES-NI support via the kernel module requires running an amd64 pfSense image . /usr/bin/openssl engine -t -c (cryptodev) BSD cryptodev engine [RSA, DSA. AESNI(4) FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual AESNI(4) NAME aesni -- driver for the AES and SHA accelerator on x86 CPUs SYNOPSIS To compile this driver. [email protected]:~ % openssl version OpenSSL k-freebsd 26 Jan [email protected]:~ % openssl speed -evp aesgcm -engine aesni invalid. A test of "openssl speed -evp aescbc" was actually faster than a test of That tells me either (1) AES-NI hardware accel worked and always worked or AES-NI that works well without using the BSD Cryptodev Engine. I found the answer myself. To test if openssl is using AES-NI I found following information. You can't see after compiling that AES-NI is available. Your Intel processor very likely has a features called AES-NI that allows blocks: aesgcm's in s OpenSSL j-freebsd 1) AES-NI kernel module is not used by OpenSSL, it's built into the Therefore we use the crypto Library from the FreeBSD ports instead. FreeBSD aesni(4) and openssl. I have to admit, I also like FreeBSD. There was a question if you need to kldload aesni to speed up openssl (or.

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