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Home / Assistive Software / Dragon Naturally Speaking / Find out your Dragon . Vwry"; Jobz on Function Keys not working on Toshiba Laptop. As a digital rights management security measure, Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS) requires that you enter a unique serial code before you can begin using it. Nuance, the publisher of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, sends out an email message that contains a serial number after your DNS. Hot keys are keys on the keyboard that are used to perform certain actions when Dragon NaturallySpeaking is running. The keys listed here are. Dragon Naturally Speaking Crack + Serial key Free Download with Latest Patch full version is now the usual through which all speech-to-text. Key commands allow you to use keyboard shortcuts you already know to perform tasks, whether or not there a separate Dragon command for that task. Question: While Dragon NaturallySpeaking is running, why does the minus or hyphen key not work normally on the numeric part of the keyboard? Answer: The . Click About NaturallySpeaking (About Dragon if you are using Medical) under the DNS Help Menu and you should see the serial number appear near the top of. The following voice command will hold the key CTRL for three seconds. You can change the key as well as how long the key is being hold. Dragon NaturallySpeaking allows you to set up Hotkeys. All the buttons on the Hotkeys tab work the same way: Click the button and a Set Hot Key dialog box.

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