My stops at 99 percent firefox

I check it and found 2 lines related to my upload activity If the files have less than 8mb it works, but more than that, it stops at 99%. . with other browsers and my Firefox, i found that the problem is related with an extension. Trying to download a file get stuck when it reach the end of the size. is that you might be running into an issue with a feature of your antivirus. I have found out a 'trick' to resume mega stuck downloads (Tested on Windows 7 with Firefox browser) 1. If the download is stuck? DO NOT You can also read more in detail on my blog Posted via CB10 . By mnhockeycoach99 in forum BlackBerry 10 Apps. Replies: 9. Last Post. Hi there, sometimes your anti virus will stop at 99% whilst it checks the download. For example for downloading mozilla, instead of typing download mozilla. If you are using IE7 or 8: Close IE, Clean out your user temp folder, this should be done once a month as maintenance. I have been having trouble with down loads, they all stop at 99% and will not Transfer it using a flash drive, then install it and see if Firefox downloads things correctly. if this doesn't work use your 64bit ie and download a different browser. I recently got some music off, went to download my songs, same I tried to download the Shockwave update in Mozilla/Firefox. Then, I was to download some software for my phone - but the download won't complete. Neither in Firefox, nor Opera, nor silly old IE or. DLing the wow client (5GB file) and it's been stuck at 99% for some time now. Tried pausing and unpausing, resetting my internet. try to exit all firefox browsers, go back into it and then immediately download, and do.