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If you've ever asked yourself, ''why won't my phone turn on?'' you're not alone. Even when you're a professional Android tinkerer, things occasionally go beyond . FAQ for Samsung Mobile Device. Find more about 'Google Play Store is not running on my phone' with Samsung Support. Airplane mode or offline mode. Is call forwarding activated? Is call blocking activated? Is the "Do not disturb" option active? Is your phone on the Fizz network ?. There's nothing more annoying than when you're talking hands-free and your phone speaker goes mute. If the speaker is not working on your. If your Gmail app isn't syncing automatically, you might notice the following problems: Can't send mail, or mail is stuck in send; Not getting new mail; Can't open or read mail If your phone or tablet is running out of space, syncing won't work. How to resolve the problem of when your cell phone will not make calls. 6 days ago No signal or no connectivity is a big problem for cell phones. Users want to be able to use the most basic function of a cell phone – making calls. Many Android phone users also add to the fact that whenever they try to launch an App, it keeps loading but does not run smoothly, as it should. Do not panic about why won't my charge? Here are 10 solutions to fix my phone won't charge and Samsung tablet won't charge problem. If you haven't noticed any sign of your phone malfunctioning previously, the problem might be a simple as a lack of juice in the battery. More often than not, that.

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