Mageia 3 alpha 2

For the final version of Mageia 2, the developers are planning to candidate with the final version scheduled to be released on 3 May The third and final alpha for version 3 of the Mandriva Linux fork includes a more It is also the first version to support upgrading from Mageia 2. Links 18/10/ Wine , Mageia 3 Alpha 2 . KDE Plasma Active 3 open source tablet software improves performance, adds new apps. Some of the release highlights include: Firefox , Chromium 68, LibreOffice , KDE Plasma , GNOME , Xfce , VLC The first alpha release of Mageia 3 comes with Linux kernel , KDE , and Development Release: Mageia 7 Beta 2. Aimed at developers and testers, Mageia 3 Alpha 2 brings updates to the installer , which now supports loading from a Btrfs filesystem, and. While Mageia 3 alpha 2 is planned for tomorrow, we can already announce some delay (a few days): some issues to be solved on isos so that. After some days spent on bug hunting with QA team, alpha 2 isos are finally ready to be tested. Alpha 2 comes with a full set of isos. As usual. Here is the second alpha of Mageia 3 (released on 14th of october). This is alpha software. This means, it is NOT: for daily use,; for any kind of.

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