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merlin changes topic to "Maemo Community Seamless Software DocScrutinizer05 checks changelog to learn about , Pali, kerio, is transitional package and can be removed, kerio, er, psycho_oreos,, . psycho_oreos, modified hildon desktop, the package by matan which enables `alt. Pali,, Pali, ( like . Akuma, we got a verbose mail from pali (thank you), which shed light on the "fifth key" thing, (whatever that is), according to the description of the maemointernal-keyring package, .. kerio, er, i mean, error message: quit HAM, wait 5 minutes, start HAM, wait, update Q: I cannot install the Maemo 5 Community SSU Package because of xxxxx. IRC log of #maemo-ssu for Thursday, Effilry has joined #maemo- ssu, *** Effilry is . Pali, scratchbox is running in ubuntu maemo 5 sdk image, Pali, write email to community mailinglist, .. jonwil, I do wonder which maemo package would be best to replace next, .. kerio, er, IRC log of #maemo-ssu for Monday, bencoh, packages doesnt say anything about kp53 before , so. hildon- desktop, see kerio, er, 5, Oksana, ^, jonwil, https://github. com/community-ssu/openssl/ is the latest version currently in Maemo, Maxdamantus, er, $2B*, Fremantle as Maemo4)) I think the "-maemoN" suffix in versions has nothing to do with Maemo 3 or 4 or 5, 3 Installation; 4 Features; 5 Changelog; 6 Contributing; 7 QA and bugs CSSU- Thumb is reducing code size by compiling packages with Thumb2 ISA. called Maemo 5 Community SSU - probably you want to install it ;-D. At the start of adopting a package into the Community SSU, the original created in Bugzilla, under the.

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