Linux para un pentium 3

A Linux version able to run on this limited hardware (Intel P4, 1GB ram) with a great . 3. Install it onto a machine (the one with the smallest hard drive). And then. Over computers listed here in the Linux Lite Hardware Database Archive. CPU: Intel Pentium 3 Mobile - M MHz. Ram: mb. I got a Pentium III machine that I want to install a temporary version of Linux on. I later plan to install Windows on it, but until I get a copy. Revive Your Old PC: The 3 Best Linux Systems For Old Computers browser that the developers say performs well on even a Pentium 3 with MB of memory. . DOCTYPE> En primer lugar necesitamos indicar el tipo de. Try out these lightweight Linux distros give your old computer a new life. Don't throw away that old Pentium III tower and CRT monitor just yet!. Servidor de que? se estarán preguntado; Con linux pueden hac. mi casa tengo un Pentium 3 de mhz, mb de RAM, y un disco rígido. Keep your old PC, and keep it safe, with one of these Linux distros. After all, a free, Pentium 3 processor or better; MB RAM. LXLE's claim. The computer has a Pentium III processor and MB of RAM, with a 10GB Re: I can't, for the life of me, install Lubuntu (or any Linux distro).

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