Junior year urban dictionary

Upperclassmen are the juniors and seniors in high school or a 4-year college. Freshmen are often intimidated by them, due to the upperclassmen being older. Your third year of high school. Junior year means you are finally an upperclassman, after two years of crap at the sophomore and freshman ranks. However, as a. The forgotten year of high school. The juniors are busy with homework, and trying to get better grades so they can She is in her sophomore year in college. 3The way for nice guys to start jumping into an ocean of depression and alcoholism starting their junior year. A lucky few will make their senior year better before. last night I was taking a junior and it damm near killed everyone in the plant. I wiped my supebad as fast as I could so as to get away from that stinking shit. Where the worms feast on the flesh of of the already matured. Junior High is the three year stage of life between being a child and being a teenager. During this. Often, people will define Junioritis as Senioritis, but just in Junior year. This is a false definition because, really, they are two very different things. A symptom of. A person between the ages of 40 and 60 who is just a little ways away from being a senior citizen. junicakes to junior year. junicakes · junical-swamp owl · junice · junichi · Junichiro Koizumi · junicorn · junie · junie b jones · junie cakes · juniee b · juniel · junier. the worst year of your fucking life. The year that colleges choose to look at the closest out of all your years in high school. Because of said.

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