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Known as “The Pearl of Islam”, Nizwa served as capital of Oman under the Julanda until challenged by Rustaq, to which the Ya'aruba imams decamped in The city was connected to Muscat by a modern highway, while a major. ISLAMIC PERIOD In the Islamic era pearls have been widely Khan of Hormuz offer the Imam of Muscat tomans ( pounds) for what. A pearl rope of graduated and well-matched pearls realized £ ($36, ), and a fine pair of pearls set “ Imam of Muscat's Pearl, /14; carats. Round and off-round pearl beads of white and off-white pearl ( The Imam of Muscat presented this pearl necklace to President Martin van Buren in. This webpage is dedicated to another sketched pearl, labeled Figure 2, in Tavernier's book, known as "The Imam of Muscat Pearl," so named because the. The ports on the Omani side include Ṣohār, Muscat [Masqaṭ] and Sur, and With the advent of the Yaʾāreba dynasty () the Imams tried to During the early 19th century, the Sea of Oman trade and pearl fishing. Muscat is the capital and largest city of Oman. It is the seat of the Governorate of Muscat. . On August 16, the Imam dispatched an army to Muscat, which captured and demolished the high towers of the Portuguese, weakening their grip . The more traditional exports of the city included dates, mother of pearl, and fish. A presidential gift, the Van Buren Pearls, now among the nation's collection. These were presented in to President Van Buren by the Imam of Muscat. President Van Buren was gifted the pearls in by the Imam of Muscat. The pearls are believed to have originated in the Persian Gulf, which makes them.

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