Hordes of the underdark build

[IMG] Howdy all, Just starting out in HotU. I loved playing through the first two modules with my Ranger1/RogueX Now I'm fighting *ahem*. NEVERWINTER NIGHTS UNOFFICIAL CHAMPION OF TORM CHARACTER BUILD GUIDE For use with Hordes of the Underdark (c) Best Nevewinter Nights Character Builds, Classes & Prestige Classes. Below: THE wield for a HotU Weapon Master (without Black Pearl. Because SoU and HoTU were intended to be played with the same character I have extended this build through level That is the level I. This category contains a few examples of how a player character could be designed (built). See also: Epic Character Builders Guild (external link). Thankfully it's come to my attention that SoU and HotU are meant to be . My suggestion for a powerful simple to build character that can. I am looking to replay NWN1 in its entirety with 1 character (SoU -> OC -> HotU seems like the best order for leveling). I remember playing. Hello,. I've finished Aielund Saga, playing Swordflight at the moment and gonna play through SoU+HotU+Sands of Fate as wizard. But I am. Also, WRT to HotU is the issue of prestige classes. There are I often like a fighter/rogue/weapon master build when I'm playing a new module. For Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark on the PC, Assassin Build Guide by undacovacop.

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