Happiness red velvet music video

SM Entertainment's brand new rookie girl group Red Velvet's recently released music video for their debut single “Happiness” is currently under. Red represents the happy-go-lucky and velvet represents the sultry side of the This is why, if you watch the music video for "Happiness," there are only four. Red Velvet's Happiness is full of symbolism. Did you get it right for the first time?. Shortly after the release of the music video of Red Velvet's debut song, “ Happiness”, netizens discovered some insensitive imagery that sparked controversy. SM Entertainment has announced that controversial images in Red Velvet's music video for their debut track "Happiness" will be edited out. "Happiness" (Hangul: 행복; Romanization: Haengbok) is the debut single by Red Velvet. The song is Red Velvet 레드벨벳 행복(Happiness) Music Video.

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