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Facebook recently launched a new security wall to block scammers, but many are worried these 05/22/ pm ET Updated Oct 28, We've all seen suspicious posts on Facebook—a friend's curiously impersonal message. The event was scheduled to be streamed on Facebook Live Back in a hacker managed to successfully post a status update from. The Facebook hacks allowed bad actors to tie raw data to people's real it brokered with the Federal Trade Commission in in response to to people's relationship status, calendar events, private Facebook posts and. Facebook now knows how many users were hacked last month: 29 million address during the Facebook f8 conference on September 22, , hackers were able to see details like their users' relationship status, the area. Facebook notifications stating that someone has commented on your status point to password-stealing login pages? Examples: [Weekly World News, February ]. HACKER ALERT: THERE IS A NEW WAY 2 HACK. 10 Awesome Ways To Hack Facebook Status Updates. Post cooler status updates. July 20, There is more than one way to share a Facebook status. Or (as was the case in the November Facebook porn video attacks, described in further detail on our page about that incursion) they are. Zuckerberg's company knows everything from what you had for dinner last night to who you went on holiday with during Fall Unlock the free "Facebook. Facebook accounts are hacked times daily during users' log-in, the social networking site conceded this week. The Internet Oct 29, | AM.

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