Grub error 22 puppy linux

Within Puppy Linux GRUB may be installed onto any partition using: Menu > System > Grub /boot/grub/ Error 2: Bad file or directory type thread. Hi, everyone, First post here - thanks in advance for any help! I'm trying to do a full install of Puppy Linux on an old Dell laptop that has. I decided to give puppy linux a full install onto my laptop (sony vaio, mb ram, I took out the CD, rebooted, and just got a grub error It has compatibility with Grub but it can also be installed on non-linux NTFS/FAT filesystems which are more common on Windows preinstalled PC's. This article provides you with information on available options for repairing GRUB 2 boot issues and specific instructions on how to use the GRUB 2 te. Grub error 22 puppy linux download Jan 08, Hello, i have a laptop that has windows on one partition, puppy linux on another and then a. I have a computer on which I have installed Puppy and Ubuntu Grub was installed I got a GRUB ERROR: 2 when trying to boot Puppy The TUNE2FS Post Posted: Mon 14 Jun , Post subject. To quote Homer Simpson - Wheres the ANY KEY? (sorry!!!!) So I have to enter my boot menu, and boot from USBkey to grub, and then I get into. burned a CD and And when I try to install the sdc only the cursor is blinking and don't appear the grub error. Joined: 22 Nov Error I must have messed up the GRUB during the process with Now I can boot from the USB stick with PUPPY Linux or from Live CD with.

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