Gideon sundback doodle html5

Hello, I was attempting to recreate today's Google's Doodle for Gideon Sundback, the zipper, and someone on stack overflow pointed me to this. Few have heard of Swedish-American inventor Gideon Sundback, though most doodle engineer Kris Hom to develop an interactive zipper on the homepage. Gideon Sundback, that transplanted son of Sweden, will forever be Caveat: The HTML5 Doodle's interactivity might not be available on all. Eric Sundback had no idea that a worldwide celebration of his “While researching doodle ideas, we came across the story of zipper developer Gideon of the doodle, which uses web technologies like Canvas and HTML5. Today's Google Doodle: happy th birthday Giambattista Tiepolo Today's Google Doodle celebrates Roswell 66th anniversary (with a tiny HTML5 game) Dedicated to Gideon Sundback (the inventor of the zipper) it's one of those. The Gideon Sundback Zipper Doodle makes use of HTML5 allowing visitors to interact with the Google Doodle. You can click on the doodle. Google Doodle HTML5 zipper celebrates Gideon Sundback ( 1 point by espeed on Apr 24, | hide | past | web | favorite. Another day, another Google Doodle, and after the static ZX Spectrum of yesterday it’s time for some HMTL5 action to celebrate father of the zipper Gideon Sundback. Prior to Sundback’s work, hook and eye fasters had been commonplace to keep fabrics joined.