Flv to mp4 media encoder

Over the years I've made a number of flv movie clip files, most recently format would people suggest? mp4, through Adobe Media Encoder?. I just needed to update the Adobe Media Encoder. I have a CS4 license so I don't know if it is free or not, but it is definitely my preference over anything else I've. And you can also get the best Adobe Media Encoder alternative here. There are over different formats available, like MP4, FLV, AVI. Steps required to import FLV and F4V files into Adobe Premiere Pro. When you are working with FLV footage, use Adobe Media Encoder to import try using the H .mp4) format, instead of older FLV or F4V formats. You can convert your video files to the proper FLV or F4V format using Adobe Media Encoder, a stand-alone application that comes with Flash. Then I was able to go from AVI to MP4. The quality is not great, but at least it worked. Which is more than I can say for Media Encoder.

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