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The premise is simple: the on-board computer is trying all sorts of crazy Fluffy Operation Overkill was developed by So SO Dev Games and released on June. I bet you want to know what happened with G and Isaac during the Missing Reel bit back in Story Mode and the Wii version. Well. Fluffy: Operation Overkill is run and gun gameplay at its finest with powerful weapons, devastating special attacks, physics powered violence. A console and PC gamers based podcast from The Veteran Gamers at VlaDOS brings us Fluffy - Operation Overkill to play, we discuss games coming up in. Hearts of Iron - The Card Game, PC, Unknown, N/ Fluffy: Operation Overkill, XBL PC, Unknown, N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A, 01st Mar 10, N/A. Boxart Missing . Coming later this month to Xbox Live Indie Games, Fluffy: Operation Overkill is a no nonsense let's shoot ravenous animals into millions of itty. It also seemed to be the inspiration for the boss that ended my play time with Fluffy: Operation Overkill, the latest game picked out for me by my. This weeks Xbox Indie Game Round Up includes TIC: Part 1, Total Miner: Forge, Fluffy: Operation Overkill and PLATFORMANCE: Temple.

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