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Fire Temple is also the first instance in Aion to have random-spawn named creatures. This means Fire Temple Map: Named Monster & NPC Locations edit . Background Story. Deep within the stone cold darkness of the Fire Temple, Kromede- once a most noble and revered Asmodian Daeva, now. Tags: aion guide, fire temple,aion instance guide, aion news the temple, but if you're only doing Kromede runs, you can follow the map above without running. Aion Information Congratulations, you can now enter the Fire Temple. Go to the edge of the map and check if there are stairs under the. When I reached level 27, I tried to enter Fire temple after completing the entry quest, but I couldnt enter. I tried a few levels later, still. Aion Fire Temple Guide Elyos – In order to enter the Fire Temple you must obtain a Fire Temple Key. A quest must be completed by The Fire Temple Map . Elyos: The Fire Temple entrance is a door in the basement of Kyola Temple in ZAM would like to thank littlecarpenter of MMOSite for the map. Fire Temple boss map. Boss locations in the Fire Temple. The instance features many different pathways and rooms, but most players just stick to the 'main'. Aion Map: Fire Temple Related. Aion Map: Theobomos LabIn "Aion". Aion Map : Draupnir CaveIn "Aion". Aion Boss: Vanuka InfernusIn "Aion".