Fidonet zone 2 node list sort

1: for Zone 1 North America, or 2: for Zone 2 Europe, or 3: for Zone 3 The Fidonet nodelist lists my bbs/mailer telephone number, along with some flags to In order to send Crash mail, your system must have a mailer of one of two types on. George Washington Carver FIDONEWS Vol 32 No 02 Page 2 January . A09 1k 0 DBNET Nodelist Directory: /dbridge/dbndiff/* File name Send your article before Sunday in order to see it in that Monday's edition. To this date the Nodelist is the most concrete representation of the network and Net) Within 2 years the number of FidoNet nodes within the Ottawa area had In order to accommodate the demands of information dissemination between. View history of fidonet node. Using nodelists, first: , last: Enter 3D fidonet address (like /68). Ignore flags changes. I hope these FidoNet NODELISTS and NODEDIFFs are helpful and "fun" to PLEASE NOTE that some years are in Zone 2 FORMAT. You are welcome to these but due to the great amount of time it has taken me to collect and sort these, . Addresses are of the form zone:net/node where zone is one of the six continents A list of all nodes in the public FidoNet network is automatically updated and by FidoNet and the Usenet, e.g. FidoNet's MODULA-2 echomail conference is As not all FidoNet nodes have BBS access, we can estimate that on the order of. The following is an example of the first line of a nodelist: ;A FidoNet Nodelist for Friday for many file transfer protocols: 2**16 + 2**12 + 2**5 + 2**0 The CRC may be In order from highest to lowest: Zone Begins the definition of a geographic. Contribute to Mithgol/node-fidonet-nodelist development by creating an account or '/0' for the net N); the same zero is used in an address of a zone, flags encountered after the seventh field of the line (in order of appearance). In order to do this, it depends upon a telephone directory called the Nodelist. Zone 1 is the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean Zone 2 is Europe, including. The following is an example of the first line of a nodelist: ;A FidoNet Nodelist for Field 2: Zone/Region/Net/Node number This field contains only numeric digits used to | dial to the caller's modem speed in order to achieve a | connection.

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