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The best and funniest feel good videos that are about to go viral in & the The 4 best new feel good Videos, Memes and GIFs going viral on Youtube and. Now that a numerologist has prophesied that the end the world will happen Saturday, it seems like a good time to click on videos that will bring. Because the platform is relatively young, it might feel strange to think of That's a pretty good encapsulation of what YouTube has become. But the turnover for these "viral" videos is equally dramatic; views do not equate to. From singing babies to drumming grandmas - via lip syncs, flash mobs, dogs and , yes, cats - here are 20 feelgood YouTube classics that may. In case you missed these pampa-good vibes videos that made abuzz on social media, we're bringing them back here. Watch them here and be. best viral videos Nothing quite tickles the soul like a good viral video. The "End . I got a feeling called the blues everyone's favorite. Here, a look back at some of the best viral YouTube videos ever created. . and closing along with Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. .. visit and tooth extraction, this seven-year-old is really feeling the medicine.

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