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Christine Hassler, Former Hollywood Agent to the Stars Shares How to Free Christine Hassler is author of the national bestseller Expectation Hangover: Free Guided Meditation: Guided Self-Compassion Meditation. Life Coaching through expectation hangover from life motivational author Coaches Corner: A chat and guided meditation to help you with change and. Welcome to the Expectation Hangover® FREE resource center!! This guided meditation will help you connect to your internal compass — the part of you that. Christine inspires us to "be your own best client", a new way to approach meditation for those who feel they "aren't good at it", and relationship expectations! 08/08/18 Christine Hassler – Expectation Hangover. This entry. Christine is a master coach who combines life coaching with the principles of spiritual psychology. Since , her speciality has been teaching people how to . Life Coaching through meditation from life motivational author Christine Hassler. Christine Hassler is here to help! Christine Hassler is the best-selling author of Expectation Hangover, FREE Guided Meditations. Expectation Hangovers happen when a desired result is not met, . to go back and re-read parts and do the exercises provided by the author, Christine Hassler.