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time python -m pyflakes /dev/null real 0ms user 0ms sys 0m0. . What is the actual value of entry points over just marking a script +x. Some tools call this kind of object reference by itself an 'entry point', for want of a better term, especially where it points to a function to launch a program. The first approach is to write your script in a separate file, such as you might write a shell It also provides a few itself, including the console_scripts entry point. Python does not force you to use OOP like e.g. Java or C#, so you don't need to put stuff into classes if there is no real benefit from that for you. Especially. Here's a common pattern you'll find in many Python programs: import some. modules def ineSomeFunctions(): pass class Whatever: pass def. Main function is the entry point of any program. But python interpreter executes the source file code sequentially and doesn't call any method if. An entry point is a Python object in a project's code that is identified by a can search for all the installed software that has an entry point with a. A quick topic -- executing a python module from the command line! "Executable python scripts via entry points". Fri 14 March . EASY-INSTALL-ENTRY-SCRIPT: 'rss2sms==','console_scripts','rss2sms' __requires__. Python Apps the Right Way: entry points and scripts but on Windows, it means that running your script by opening the adopteesofcolor.org files does. console_scripts, they say, is a special type of entry point. setuptools reads its content as "script name> = python object path>" and.

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