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Download dota x ai, get dota ai map in the english language the latest Dota Ai includes the following new items: Dragon Lance, Warcraft III The Frozen Throne version b () or latter version (+). DotA-Blog: Dota AI Map | The Official Dota-Allstars AI Map Archive. Also, if you found a new Dota AI map and not yet listed here, please kindly drop a .. use the latest version so that u can play the ai map u desired lots of from b to d or. Get the Dota 1 Ai Map Download ++ Play the latest Dota Ai Bot version ++ New Heroes & Items ++ Download Dota Ai here ++ Changelog & Download. Map Details for DotA vb AI Rev 3. DotA vb AI Rev 3, 10 players version DotA vb AI Rev 3 by IceFrog. Choose from. Note: The DotA AI/AI+ maps posted above require Warcraft 3 TFT Patch in order to be played. If you are using older version of Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne. DotA k RGChas just released and I bet many players are now looking for the AI version of DotA map. Worry not, will give. Get the latest Defense of the Ancients Bot Map ++ Download Dota Ai Map here ++ Free The Dota Ai version is the playable Bot-Map of Dota On top of the Dota Ai download archive list, the actual version is presented. For new WC3 versions (Patch or newer): Copy the Warcraft 3 map file into the.

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