Dota allstars imba map

DotA IMBA vb AI EN Download: (mirror 1) Download the map and extract it in your "Warcraft 3\Maps\Download" folder. DotA IMBA v AI EN Map is one more addition in the huge .. I think just use only 1 Nevermore and choose other heroes for your friends. ar - All random; dm - Deathmatch; ss - Random skills; st - Super towers; fr - Fast respawn; fe - Global drop (neutral drops items); ak - Award skill. Map Details for IMBA b AI EN. IMBA b AI EN, 10 players version IMBA b AI EN by Mimya Build by Mimya Forum: Map Details for DotA Imba AI b EN Revised. DotA Imba AI b EN Revised, 10 players version DotA Imba AI b EN Revised by Mimya. In Dota Imba Legends Ai you can pick a hero and then decide with 3 spells and 2 ultimates you want to get. You can choose whatever you want and the bots do. Does anybody have link to latest IMBA map for W3? I am not talking about dota2. Thanks!. The Warcraft 3 Map Dota Imba Legends is the forerunner of the newer Legends of Dota series. It is a combination of Dota Imba and Dota LoD = Dota Imba.