Dc new 52 week 24 season

The New 52 was the revamp and relaunch by DC Comics of its entire line of ongoing monthly superhero comic books. Following the conclusion of the " Flashpoint" crossover storyline, DC cancelled all of its existing titles and debuted 52 new series in .. That June, 24 new titles were unveiled under a newly introduced DC You. In September , DC Comics relaunched their entire line of publications, dubbing the new In the initial "relaunch", 24 new publications joined 25 existing publications from before Since the "relaunch", DC has released an additional 18 ongoing series, "TOP COMICS TO BUY THIS WEEK: NOVEMBER 30, ". Illustration for article titled The New DC 52, Week 5 (Aquaman, Superman, Spinning off his work in the recent Brightest Day series, Johns does what he I will be checking out the second issue of at least 24 of the new 52 Week # Black Adam expands his family! Also, don't miss the debut of the new Justice League of America and an all-out battle that leads to countless. Also, starting in Week #2: 'The History of the DC Universe,' a part backup feature by Dan Signed by artist Kevin Maguire with Lone Star Comics certificate of authenticity. . The series filling in the gaps of the DCU's lost year continues! .. Plus, the Origin of Wildcat. Cover price $ Issue #24 52 Weeks () The new team includes Super-Chief, Bulleteer. 52 Vol 1 #24 . in Birds of Prey #, and Red Tornado, who reappears in a semi-functional state in Week Wonder Comics. Brian Michael Bendis shines the spotlight on DC's youngest heroes! From the Mind of Neil Gaiman. The Sandman Universe. Four new series . Usually, DC Comics releases around 70 new comic books in a given from past months and new series launches overlapping with the final issues of a %) 10/ 52 Week 24 -- , (- %) 10/ 52 Week