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I had an issue once with an inaccessible NFS datastore. Command type used: esxcli storage nfs remove -v vol_nfsvol1 where nfsvol1 was the. Log in to the vCenter Server using the vSphere web client and use the key combination Ctrl + Alt + 2 to The unmounted datastore will appear as inactive. I have been working with a lot of customers lately where we see that the datastore shows inactive after an unplanned PDL on an ESXi host. Hello, I am using a local USB drive to host some ISO files but ever since I unplugged the drive from the server (for cable cleanup), plugged it. How to quickly remount NFS datastores that are showing as inactive the subtleties of upgrading a vSphere environment – tackle the vCenter. We've got the RAID set back up again and after rescanning can now see one datastore in vCentre however I still have two showing now as inactive. (VMFS on . I have removed a vsphere host, but its local datastorage still listed in vcenter, showing inactive status, when I want to remove it,The Options. That's keeping this datastore inventoried in vCenter Server. I have removed that host from this vCenter, as I gave it back to CDub for his lab. Looking in the host's Configuration – Hardware – Storage tab, that datastore was listed in the Identification column as (inactive). KB#: KB Title: Datastore is Inactive in vCenter but is Accessible (Browsable ). Table of Contents. Overview. Symptoms. Resolution.

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