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The ultimate encounter helper to give you fight info that's easy to process at a glance. DBM aims to focus on what's happening to you, and what YOU need to do. If making an add- on appear to the game as "up to date" is so trivial then why not. TomTom. Last Updated: Mar 18, Game Version: 15,, Apr 21, Owner: Cladhaire. Downloading now if your download doesn't start. TomTom. Last Updated: Mar 18, Game Version: Download Install. 15,, and Wowinterface: tickets. So TomTom hasn't been working lately and I wanted to know if there was another addon out there with a waypoint arrow? I like to get through. GDC 19 - The Cycle game wants you to quest non-stop for loot TomTom is your personal navigation assistant in World of Warcraft. Fully compatible with WoW 7.x and all chat addons. Featured Forked project updated for BfA: TomTom offers the following major features: . The game registers it as out of date and will not run it.