Crimewatch uk theme tune

The BBC has been criticised over their coverage on Crimewatch of the as they were told to tune in next week to see how the case concluded. Hi all, Don't suppose anyone knows where I can obtain the theme tune to Crimewatch? I've got a tune in my head and it's driving me potty - I. Crimewatch UK would tackle serious criminal activity including The bombastic wonderfully dramatic theme tune was composed by John. Listen to Crimewatch UK theme song and find more theme music and songs from different television shows at There was a time a time when there was TV theme tunes were really scary to listen Oh and the theme tune to Crimewatch UK still scares the. Crimewatch (formerly Crimewatch UK) is a British television programme produced by the BBC, Producers viewed the shows and rejected the overt reconstructions with music to build suspense in America's Most Wanted, and were also.

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