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Every individual dvd has different packages indexed you should have to modify these file and then merge those 3. files on Debian, Ubuntu, and most likely Linux in general. I hardly ever have to do this, so I can never remember precisely how to. mount -o loop /path/to/mountpoint/1 mount -o loop /path/to /mountpoint/2 mkisofs -o /path/to/mountpoint/1. Hi I just want to ask how to combine 2 Disc ISO into 1 Iso, because I downloaded the The Legend of Heroes: Trails As in they're two separate ISOs and not one split into two files? Well, using a linux distro with a terminal. Re: Combining multiple ISO files. Hi llamabr, Thanks for the quick reply. I used to use linux as my primary OS back in the 90s, so I'm not afraid. You can use a program such as WinRAR to read/extract ISO's. If you extract all three ISO's and put contents all in one folder, you can burn this. Use the absolute paths of all three files involved. It'll make for one hell of a one liner, but it should do it. E. g.: cat /path/to/liveandroidviso And then there are hundreds more Linux distributions that you can find as Combine Multiple ISO Files To Burn A Single Bootable ISO Image.

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