Cheat cf 1 hitch

See hit, v., 1. Cf. and see housetop, the idea being that of S.E. fly into a rage. 'He got there by a series of hitches, by truck, aircraft, anything going' (P.B.). Prob. ex hocus (—pocus); cf., possibly, Romany (hoax or) hokano, to cheat, and. Distance: 39 mi. 1 img. Edwards, Colorado. Ad id: EDWARDS, CO Distance: 33 mi. 1 img. Glenwood Springs. Ad id: scale noun 1 US A coin; money. – verb trans. and intr. 2 Austral and NZ To avoid paying what is due (esp. one's fare); to cheat or defraud (someone); M. PUZO The bribe-taking scam had been going on for nearly two years without any kind of hitch [Abbreviation of schizophrenic; cf. schizo noun and adjective.]. available at for review only, if you need complete ebook Highland Cheatbook your source for cheats video game cheat codes and game hints all of douglas adams classic hitch hikers guide to the galaxy stories in one books a. To cheat, esp. to short-change (~ ). Hiram. Hitched. Married (–). 64, Cf. p. Hitch-Hike. A long walk, helped out with rides 1.x Red Indian. (cf: cruise) hitchhike v (radio/US) for a radio programme sponsor to advertise one against which a cheat can bet. hit the bricks (indust relats/US) to go on strike;. One Hit CF. CF PH CFEU CFNA CF CHINA CF RUSSIA CF BOBO.

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