Cfg cs 16 aim

AIM CFG > EDIT By: Butrint " tata'p9 " Ademi CFG WORKING % YOUR CS TheGodFatheR AIM CFG cfg is a cs cfg game file download. There are Counter-Strike cfgs just like TheGodFatheR AIM CFG. Download and just put in cs cstrike folder:) Download: Download now: Real aim cfg, update 94% aim. Views: Downloads: Likes . A Counter-Strike (CS) Config Script in the Other/Misc category, by ASDgame. Counterstrike cFg Purpose + NO retreat -Aim, NoRecoil, Nospreed, FakeHeadShot DistanceShoT, Rapidfire Aim. Neo aim cfg+dll +ini Steam/Non-Steam Beküldte: Kristóf LETÖLTÉS: http:// % AIM % WALLBANGS % CONTROL % AIM AWP % AIM AK- 47 % AIM M4 % AIM DEAGLE % AIM EVERYTHING THE BEST CFG OF THE WORLD EVER SEE! by: doshin. doshin February 16, PM. Это надо вставить в файл "". This should be pasted into the file "". // This file is overwritten whenever you change your.