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View MobyRank and MobyScore for Burnout: Legends (Nintendo DS) There are no reviews for the Nintendo DS release of this game. that system wouldn't be able to handle the high-speed, crash-intensive gameplay of the Burnout series. Burnout: Legends Nintendo DS Front Cover the best from the Burnout series made exclusively for handheld gaming. When you wreck, you're able to press R to go into Impact Time, which lets you make your wreck look more dramatic. Choose a whip for racing & modding - from European exotics to American muscle cars; Test your skills on new racing conditions and environments, as you race. gruebacca's Burnout Legends (Nintendo DS) review If your DS had the ability to see what the PSP version of this game looks like, it would. Criterion Games, Visual Impact Classic Game Room - BURNOUT LEGENDS review for PSP Burnout Legends Nintendo DS Gameplay HD (DeSmuME). Now, EA gives us Burnout Legends for the Nintendo DS, which is supposedly the best of the first three Burnout games rolled into one. Well, it's You need to drift in the Burnout world, and not being able to do it here is pitiful. Burnout is a series of high-speed racing games for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, and Xbox game Players were able to ram into opponents to focus them into crashes . This mode was discontinued, but it was featured in Burnout Legends and has reappeared. Where does Burnout Legends fit in with other Burnout games? new gameplay elements added in Burnout: Revenge, such as the ability to. Metacritic Game Reviews, Burnout Legends for DS, Inflict carnage and Burnout Legends is easily one of the best racers on the Nintendo DS.

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